POSSIBLES merges art and civic engagement in the perspective of sustainable community development.

Once a month throughout the year 2017, POSSIBLES will present the works of 12 artists from various art disciplines in collaboration with 12 creative partnerships in 12 unusual Montreal venues.

The Objective: Provide a platform to up-and-coming artists by inviting them to create new POSSIBLES exploring 12 local issues that arose from discussions with the community.

The year 2017 will impart a manifesto and a methodology to cities from across the globe enabling them to adopt and contribute to the project.

A Community Event

Prior to POSSIBLES, discussions were held with the citizens which fuelled a reflection on 12 major themes related to the development of a sustainable community. The issues and utopias evoked by the citizens during this event imbued the artists’ creative process with a shared perspective.

Documentary vignettes produced by an author and a videographer that focus on the work and the research of the artists will perpetuate the dialogue with the community throughout the year.

An in-depth reflection about the future, an invitation to participate in the creation of a better tomorrow.

POSSIBLES is presented by LA SERRE – arts vivants, a project featuring in the official programming of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebration.

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Dominique Bouchard
Project Manager