A Manifesto

The project will conclude in December 2017 with the launch of the POSSIBLES manifesto. This last artwork will unfold as an interactive installation in Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles.

POSSIBLES wishes to act as a reminder that emerging artists play a leading role in sustaining Montreal’s vitality and prestige. Artists are at the centre of the city and among the leading figures reflecting on important contemporary social issues.

The Future

Following this first year, LA SERRE – arts vivants will invite cities from across Canada and abroad to adopt the POSSIBLES approach. Guidelines will be available online in an open-source format to share the method employed in Montreal and thus invite cities to adopt and contribute to the project.

An online platform will provide a communal space to document and connect the different iterations of POSSIBLES in a network that brings together the artists and their projects within the themes and issues they are exploring.

The extensive map resulting of POSSIBLES will create a unique nexus of ideas and utopias helping all to work together toward a better tomorrow.

Joël Morin-Ben Abdallah

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Emmanuelle Walter

Photo © François Couture

Upcoming Bio.

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