Mousseau Rivard

At only 32, Antonin has no less than 5 renowned restaurants to his credit (Sarcelles, MAC, Le Contemporain). Having skipped out on culinary school, Antonin is a self-taught chef who pushes the limits of the kitchen: in addition to making exquisite dishes, his plates are always breathtaking in terms of colour and assembly.

Photo © Benedicte Brocard

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Theme 08 – Economy
Thursday, August 17 from 6 pm to 9 pm
Le Virage MTL

Le Pop-up Bouffe & Rap d’ici

Antonin Mousseau Rivard, chef at Le Mousso restaurant, challenges his fellow chef friends to use ingredients grown on the Montreal island or coming from providers situated less than 100 km from the city in an exercise in style. Vegetables grown at Le Virage MTL by CoopBioma and fish caught by sport fishing enthusiasts are a few examples of the origins of the products used by the chefs for their menus.

Mousseau tackles the subject of economy by applying the principles of short channels in food marketing. His peers and him will showcase the products from the island and its surroundings. They remind us of the importance of promoting local economy and developing a good relationship between the producers and the community by reducing the number of intermediaries dividing them.

The product’s source is not the only concern driving Mousseau Rivard’s project. According to him, every bite should be thought of as a work of art. Flavors, textures and colors will pleasure our senses and, for our ears, a performance by Alaclair Ensemble will be the cherry on top. You can taste the hors-d’oeuvres at the Le Virage MTL on the corner of Atlantic and Durocher streets. An essential event for all lovers of fine food!

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