Rien à cacher

While creating the ishow, a performance mediated by technology, three members of the collective (Dominique Leclerc, Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle and François Édouard Bernier) became fascinated by the “quantified self”, the digital prints we all leave behind on the web. Marilou Craft, dramaturg and law student, joined them to work on a new creation on this subject. Around the same time, in the media, whistleblower Edward Snowden kept revealing consistently troubling information on the massive data collection operated by governments and private companies alike. The four artists felt the urge to link those revelations to their work in order to explore the risks now menacing privacy. Rien à cacher is the result of their work. A first version of the project was read at the Jamais Lu festival in April 2016.

Theme 10 – Justice + Peace
Thursday, October 19
The venue will be unveiled
375 hours before the event

Creative Partner – Theater

Théâtre Aux Écuries
Théâtre Aux Écuries is a production and performance centre that allows the companies and artists it hosts to test their ideas and conduct experiments with complete freedom, ultimately making it possible to produce their wildest theatrical projects. The space is run by nine co-artistic directors and reflects the diversity of theatrical approaches and the necessary plurality of voices. In just five years since our inception, we have worked with more than 100 artists not only in the creative process, but providing assistance with administration, finances, technical issues, logistics and communications.