Rien à cacher

While creating the ishow, a performance mediated by technology, three members of the collective (Dominique Leclerc, Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle and François Édouard Bernier) became fascinated by the “quantified self”, the digital prints we all leave behind on the web. Marilou Craft, dramaturg and law student, joined them to work on a new creation on this subject. Around the same time, in the media, whistleblower Edward Snowden kept revealing consistently troubling information on the massive data collection operated by governments and private companies alike. The four artists felt the urge to link those revelations to their work in order to explore the risks now menacing privacy. Rien à cacher is the result of their work. A first version of the project was read at the Jamais Lu festival in April 2016.


Theme 10 – Justice + Peace
Monday, October 16
2 performances at 6 pm and 9 pm

Doors open 15 minutes in advance

Rien à cacher

At a time of massive collection of online data, Rien à cacher suggests a documented reflexion on our relationship with the shifting notion of privacy. Dominique Leclerc, Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle, François Édouard Bernier and Marilou Craft, all born in the 80s, were all privileged witness of this radical change of the paradigm of intimacy. Stemming from archives, converences, thorough research and interviews with surveillance specialists, they conceived a dynamic performance on the topic of data collection and on the worries that emerge from Big data. Inspired from the documentary format, the show outlines the governmental programs of social surveillance and of the merchandizing of our personal data for businesses, in order to examine the direct impact of such digital radiography on our everyday life.

After the performance, the public is invited to an interactive exhibition. Instructors from ESN514 will be present to answer all questions related to the protection of private life and to accompany those who wish in their first steps towards digital security!

Creative Partner – Theater

Théâtre Aux Écuries
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