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POSSIBLES invite you to share one of your works on our platform!

POSSIBLES considers art as a conduit for social transformation and wishes to support practices that reflect on the future of cities.
POSSIBLES reveals that together, artists and citizens can change the city for the better. They develop alternate routes,  ways of reinventing the city in their image: gentler, more fluid, more united, more democratic.
POSSIBLES is a movement that brings together artists, thinkers and citizens to develop the idea that the city is at the heart of a democratic and environmental revolution.

POSSIBLES is launching a call for proposals to all artists whose artwork responds to the three following criteria:

ALTERNATE ROUTE 1 – Building the immediate future.
Address one of the 12 POSSIBLE themes through the perspective of sustainable community development.

ALTERNATE ROUTE 2 – Concern for others.
Involve the community, whether directly or indirectly.

ALTERNATE ROUTE 3 – Reclaiming the city.
Showcase the work in an atypical venue in the city.

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Choose a work from your repertoire to submit as a POSSIBLE.


Select the Theme

  • Urbanism and Mobility
  • Social Inequalities
  • Diversity
  • Quality of life
  • Knowledge and Education
  • Energy
  • Democracy
  • Economy
  • Culture
  • Peace and Justice
  • Environment
  • Sustainable communities


If your project is accepted, you will be required to share the following information:

  1. Texts (A written account of response to your work)
  2. Photos (4 photos)
  3. Video (3-minute excerpt of the work)
  4. or any other documentation material of your choosing.

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